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This duo is disrupting the construction industry—for the better

Mallorie Brodie is reinventing the construction industry. Alongside her partner, Lauren Lake, this duo is using their entrepreneurial spirit to not only disrupt a traditionally male-dominated industry, but also serve as mentors to other young women. The duo founded Bridgit, a cloud-based smartphone application that allows construction sites to be organized more efficiently, introducing technology to an industry that was begging for a reinvention. We talked to Mallorie to find more about her path to entrepreneurship.



My first job ever was…Let’s put it this way…when I was 6 years old I asked for a calculator that printed receipts for my birthday. I would try to charge my family members for random objects around the house, or when I gave them “advice” on a matter.

I decided to be an entrepreneur because…I love problem solving and am always eager to take action when I see an opportunity. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to do this every single day as our product and industry continue to evolve.

I learned very quickly that…Having great team members is the key to success.

My dream job when I was a child was…Being a “business bear.”

When I started my first company I…Was never afraid to ask for help.

My proudest accomplishment is…Being able to share my experiences and lessons learned with other aspiring entrepreneurs. When I graduated, there weren’t too many students that considered taking the entrepreneurial path, even a couple years later I have seen students relate to Bridgit and make the jump to entrepreneurship sooner than the may have otherwise.

I went into the construction industry because…I loved the idea of bringing technology to an industry that had been, in many ways, forgotten. Our research showed us that the industry was eager to bring mobile technology to the jobsite, but very little had been built to fit their needs.

Introducing technology into the construction industry was…An opportunity to fundamentally change an industry and the way people work.

My best advice to people starting out in tech is…Listen to your users and don’t fall in love with your own idea too quickly.

My best advice from a mentor was…You are never moving fast enough.

I balance work and life by…Setting aside time to spend with friends and family. My whole family loves to cook so it’s always fun to enjoy a great meal together.

My biggest passion is…Building something that matters with an equally as passionate team.

Women in the construction industry means…Diversity of thought.

Millenials are…Never satisfied. That’s a good thing.

If you googled me, you still wouldn’t know…That I LOVE to play games and my whole team makes fun of me for it. Cards, Backgammon, Jenga, games I make up. All of them!

I stay inspired by…Staying in constant communication with our users and potential users. I continue to learn more about the construction industry everyday, and the impact Bridgit is having in the industry really inspires our team.

The future excites me because…We’ve only just begun.