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A Day in the Life: Carolyn Lawrence

As the head of Women of Influence, Carolyn Lawrence is involved in every pillar of the organization, from events and courses to consulting and content. As a working mom, she’s balancing more than just business.

BY Carolyn Lawrence PHOTOGRAPHY Kourosh Keshiri

Make it happen. That’s my mantra, and the simplest way to explain my outlook on life. I believe that if you have a great idea, a big goal, or just something you want to try, then you should do more than contemplate it—you should do it. Yes, you’ll need to figure out the ‘how,’ but it starts with the intention to make it happen. I’ve used this strategy to help lead the growth of Women of Influence, and now we’re empowering, educating, and impacting individuals and organizations in more ways than ever before. I apply the same mentality to my personal life, and while it’s a challenge being a working mama of influence, I’ve found a balance that works for me. It all begins with setting intentions, then working towards them, day by day. This year, I’m creating a new build on an old structure, making decisions that lead to living a good life, with joy, grace, creativity, truth, a little fire and, as always, strength.

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6 AM

I’ve run in this ravine all my life, and it always helps to clear my head. It’s beautiful in all seasons, with a rolling creek and a few great hills to help me when I need to work something out. Sunday long runs here are nonnegotiable, and if I can make it out a few more times I’m happy.











7 AM

Breakfast with my son Jack is the most important meal of the day. While I do like to sneak out of the house and get to the office early, eating a good meal and creating that ritual has become priority. It’s a beautiful way to start the morning. We’re both eating muesli these days, mine with yogurt and berries, his with whole milk and my discarded raisins. We’re a good team.











11 AM

Mondays and Fridays tend to be my internal meeting days. I review our results and upcoming marketing campaigns, brainstorm new events, and stay on top of aggressive deadlines in our high-production business. Our employees are as passionate about women’s advancement as I am. They give me energy to keep evolving and increasing our impact.

2 PM

The Women of Influence office is located on the corner of Spadina and Adelaide, but I rarely have a day that doesn’t involve me venturing away from homebase. I often feel like I’m running between meetings on Bay, talking to sponsors and connecting with inspiring senior executive women (one of the parts of my job I enjoy the most). The downtown core is my stomping ground, and I can’t help but feel alive in this vibrant part of the city.




Emily Sands Photography


4 PM

Blo Blow Dry Bar has been a great blessing! I head to their location in The Path before every event. Having someone take care of me is a welcome change, and it gives me the time I need to quiet my thoughts and prepare for the event ahead. I go through the connections to be made, the script, and my opening remarks. It sets me up for success.

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Christopher Johnston Photography


6 PM

I’m proud to say that Women of Influence is well known for putting on stellar events, and even after attending a countless number of them, I still get excited. They offer such a unique opportunity to hear the personal stories behind the professional success of female role models. Plus, I get to connect with so many inspiring, interesting women, from high-profile leaders to those aspiring to the reach the top.

Is your career aligned with your passion? Attend Carolyn’s upcoming course, “Find Your Passion: Doing What You Love For A Living” on June 2nd in Toronto! For a complete list of Women of Influence Advancement Centre courses, click here.