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Carolyn Lawrence on: Disclosing Gender Stats

While I’m not an advocate for quota’s to see more women on boards, I am all in for measurements, as the saying goes, “what gets measured, gets done.” I couldn’t agree more.

Which is why I’m a fan of Harvard Business Review’s recent post “Companies Should Be Required to Disclose Their Gender Stats.”

In her article, gender expert, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox suggests that Fortune 500 companies should report (voluntarily at first) on their gender balance at the top three levels of leadership (CEO, their team, and their reports) with the “objective to create a very simple global index that will get CEOs competing on their gender ranking.” Why? Because, as she says, “that’s when CEOs will start getting serious about sex.”

What would it look like if your company published their numbers?

There’s nothing better than a dose of transparency and vulnerability to get us all focussed on the reality and truly solve the problem.

Who’s with me?!