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Premier’s Remarks: Women of Influence

Christine Laperriere, Executive Director & Lead Coach of the Advancement Centre, shares insights following the Women of Influence Top 25 Luncheon featuring keynote speaker Premier Kathleen Wynne.

This month, as the year winds down I am reflecting on the impact the Women of Influence Advancement Centre has had on women’s advancement. This year our Advancement Centre has grown and changed significantly and now more than ever, we are focused on effectively helping women gain the skills they need to advance powerfully in their careers.

That said, hearing the Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne endorse the importance of this mission helps us feel more validated in this effort. In a recent speech given at a Women of Influence Luncheon, the Premier explained that she is more hopeful than ever about the future as she sees the growing influence we have as women.

While her message was hopeful, it came with some very sobering facts. She explained that “Making progress every decade is not enough when there are still too many people being victimized, men and women both”.

She finished her message with a powerful request to all of us; this is our opportunity to use our influence. There is great danger in keeping these issues silent and the more we all speak up and bring these issues forward for resolution, the faster we will make progress as a society.

TAKE ACTION: How can you use your influence today to speak up, bring more awareness to the challenges women face, and ultimately help women everywhere advance more powerfully?