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Cheers to the Teams Who Turn Visions into Reality

Last week we were host to the 22nd annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards. This is often one of the most inspiring nights of the year, including red carpet gowns, stories of courage, and tears of gratitude on the podium. This was my tenth year at the awards and I never cease to be inspired by the stories, passion and authentic voices of women who run their own businesses and this year was no exception.

But what stood out to me this year was the theme of teamwork. Each of the winners who excitedly took to the stage put incredible emphasis on the team who helped them get there.

I’m sure many of you have read or heard that we women often do our best work in collaboration, so thanking our team seems apropos, but this was more, this was true genuine unscripted, heartfelt appreciation; we women entrepreneurs know we can’t do it alone.

So, in the spirit of the increasing the amount of gratitude advice in my news feed (best one yet, and lesson that I implemented immediately, was from Marie Forleo on “The Most Powerful Gratitude Practice You’re Not Doing”, the upcoming #givingtuesday, and that big US holiday called Thanksgiving—not Black Friday), I am taking the cue to give thanks to my team, for being so awesome.

Web Administrator, Kelowna Vincent, for making sure people can buy tickets online without leaving our site!
Associate Publisher and VP Corporate Partners, Jan Frolic, for saying what I can’t, telling me what I don’t know and being so darned funny. And did I mention good at her job?!
Marketing Director, Alicia Flaherty, for the perfect balance of tact, humour and perspective that bring her to effectively ask questions like, “why do we do that?”
Event Coordinator, Katie Sullivan, for being so beyond-her-years amazing.
Event Director, Alicia Skalin, who is known to wave her hand in the air and make magic happen at an event from tiny details to the big picture and everything in between. I can’t thank you enough, but I will try.
Event Administrator, Emily Sands, for being quick to think through next steps without ever being asked #mindreader
Marketing Coordinator, Justine Pahal, for trafficking an ever-increasing high volume production schedule without batting a beautifully curated eyelash.
Operations Director, Kim Wolfe, for writing the best company memos, running that cash flow statement like it’s her own and for standing by our vision through thick and thin, and thick and thin. #youremyrock
Editorial Assistant, Carrie Fischer, for growing so well into her role that one need only look at her face to know exactly what she’s thinking.
And, our newest Intern Emily Woods for jumping in on our events team like she’s been here for years.

Pictured in spirit:
Editor in Chief, Jasmine Miller, for going to The Women’s Foundation event in Hong Kong without us even discussing it and bringing home a gift bag for me so I could be experience it from afar.
Executive Director of Advancement and Lead Coach, Christine, for having the awesome idea to come work for us in increasing capacities and for being a fabulous mix of consultant, psychotherapist, friend and auto industry worker from Detroit. Love that.
And all our Interns—Ayesha Mehra, Jovana Mitrovic and Sarah Youssefi—who fearlessly tackle any and all tasks for the greater good.

We love what we do at Women of Influence.

We are inspired to search for women across Canada, and join forces with strong supporters so women can continue to grow, companies, visions and ideas can thrive, and many more women can follow in the innovative footsteps of those we’ve profiled. We will stop at nothing to bring more resources, role models, stories, courses, and strategic support to our community.

Thank you, to all the teams out there, we know what it takes. It’s about knowing how to you use yourself, your skill, your talent, your role in work and life, to have impact. Every person in this community, this city, this country, has been given the chance to do something meaningful, to have value.

And each of you have stepped up.

We know you are busy, but when you open yourself to an idea and make use of what you do have – the opportunities you have in front of you – you accomplish the extraordinary. You have shown that women can do it. All of you in our community, leaders of teams and the teams who support you, are so strong that it has fueled not just your vision, company, or industry, but a nation.

For that we are infinitely grateful, we thank you and we salute you. To women entrepreneurs and their teams.