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Christine Laperriere, Executive Director & Lead Coach of the Advancement Centre, shares how to bring insights into action:

1) Hear the advice of your mentors

2) Position yourself as a change agent

3) Accept opportunities when asked

1. Hear your mentor: Mitzie explains that one of her mentors and role models told her “when you go out prospecting, never come home until you’ve achieved your goal.” This advice was critical to her success. Repeatedly throughout her interview, when asked about her success she was able to quote her mentors words of wisdom. So, to bring insight into action, what insights are your mentors sharing with you? How closely are you listening? As a result of their wisdom, are you taking risks with the ideas they share?

2. Position yourself as a change agent: Mitzie mentions that she positions herself as a change agent and really embraces change to create impact in her role. Many times, it’s easy to hear about change coming and be concerned and scared for how it will impact you and your team. That said, powerful leaders know that embracing change and being seen by others as a change agent is so valuable to an organization. Top change agents make great candidates for bigger positions because every organization is looking for leaders who can generate powerful change.

3. Accept opportunities when asked: When excelling from a senior management role to an executive role, Mitzie explains that one of her mentors told her that he accepted opportunities when asked even if he didn’t feel he knew everything about the role. For us, that’s a good reminder that we should say yes to new opportunities and trust that our skills will translate into the role even if we don’t know everything about the position yet. As we gain wisdom from numerous different experiences, we are better equipped to take on bigger and more impactful leadership positions.