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Christine Laperriere, Executive Director & Lead Coach of the Advancement Centre, shares how to bring insights into action:

1. Discover Who You Are

2. Find Your Passion

3. Build Strong Relationships


In this clip Daniela Crivianu-Gaita, VP & Chief Information Officer of The Hospital for Sick Children discusses the importance of understanding yourself and having strong relationships. To bring these insights into action, try applying the quick tips below. Interested in more strategies to help you reach your full potential? Join us on September 16th and 17th to find your passion and reduce stress, or join us September 23rd to learn more about getting on boards to take your career to the next level or visit the Women’s Advancement Centre.

1. Discover Who You Are: There is a significant amount of pressure to have your entire career path figured out. Daniela provides some comfort by explaining that “you discover as you go along. There isn’t a magic answer.” She encourages you to continue to discover who you are as a person, who you are as a leader, and what you value. Some quick steps to ensure that you commit to continually learning include actively keeping track of your interests and disinterests. Maintain a journal that tracks what excites you in your day to day, where you thrive, when people praise you and for what, and even what makes you feel uncomfortable. Self-reflection on these simple questions over time allows you to uncover who you are, what your values are, and how you lead.

2. Find Your Passion: Daniela recognizes that “in order to be successful you need to be passionate about what you are doing.” She acknowledges that knowing the difference between liking something and being truly passionate about it can be difficult. To help find your passion take some time to consider what you enjoy, create a vision board, and consider the careers of people you admire. After taking some time to brainstorm, stop thinking and try it! The only way to determine whether something is a true passion is to do it. Engage and take action to receive clarity; whether that means volunteering, taking a course, or changing your career path.

3. Build Strong Relationships: Be ready and willing to communicate and collaborate with your own team, organization, and partners. The vitality of making the most out of the opportunities around you starts with building and maintaining strong relationships. Daniela explains to be highly successful one must “be able to communicate and collaborate with (the team) on an ongoing basis.” Some methods to aid in building strong relationships include: training yourself to share credit, avoiding the blame game, and being respectful when communicating.