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Response to: Ontario parental-leave plan aimed at retaining female lawyers faces axe

Carolyn Lawrence, President and CEO of Women of Influence responds to “Ontario parental-leave plan aimed at retaining female lawyers faces axe” in Globe and Mail Tusday Nov 21, 2012:


“The Law field, statistically, has one of the worst records for enabling women to advance to the top, primarily, as the article points out, due to parenthood.

I believe it is high time the firm’s pay model evolve, but should the government step up? Wouldn’t that be nice.

What we know, is that Women’s contribution to business is vital. If the firm can’t pay for a partner to take a leave, it would be a terrific enabler for women should the government to step in – perhaps by an application of contribution to the economy or local communities – so that a leading woman can do their biological job without losing ground in their intellectual job. Isn’t that the best end result? That we have the best people contributing as much as possible to their society?

See what the top women in the field have to say about this at the WOMEN IN LAW summit Monday November 26th.”