The Top 25 Women of Influence is a celebration of Canada’s most accomplished female role models. The women we select represent a variety of sectors, career stages, and contributions to women’s advancement. Their unique accomplishments are impossible to compare against each other, which is why the Top 25 is designed as a celebration rather than a ranking.

In 2017, we honoured a group of inspiring women from across the country. See who we celebrated

Nominations for 2018 are now closed.

While there are many who qualify as women of influence, we are specifically seeking out Canadian women who have had a notable achievement during the past year. This can include:


INSPIRATION:  Reaching an impressive height in their career, breaking through barriers to become visible examples of what women are capable of.

INITIATIVES:  Using their influence for the benefit of others, especially women and girls, either at a community level, or on the world stage.

ENGAGEMENT:  Giving a voice to the challenges women face in their life and careers, helping to initiate important conversations that can lead to lasting change.

The sectors we aim to represent include CORPORATE, ENTREPRENEUR, NON-PROFIT, MEDIA/ENTERTAINMENT, and PUBLIC SECTOR (however candidates are not required to fit into one of these categories to be selected).