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Inspiration and advice for scaling your tech business

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Ready to take your tech company to the next level?

We’ve asked successful entrepreneurs, industry advisors, and leaders in the tech ecosystem to share their stories and their best advice — so you have the inspiration and guidance you need to scale your own tech business. 

"One of the biggest mistakes many women make is to think small — and I strongly believe that if you have an idea you have to go big and you have to go bold."

"My biggest advice is to keep asking questions and remember that a strong network is the most valuable thing a start-up can have — you can’t build a business in isolation."

"For women and people of colour especially, we often find ourselves asking permission or waiting for opportunities to come up — but when you go out on your own you give those opportunities to yourself."

We asked the experts: What is the most overlooked variable when companies are scaling?

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On March 30, we’ll be sitting down with Anu Bidani, Fatima Khamitova, and Yvonne Lau — three brilliant tech founders who left secure corporate positions to disrupt different industries, and turn a profit while doing it. Join us to hear their first-hand stories of risk, passion, and execution, and to connect with your fellow entrepreneurs through our virtual platform. 

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