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Announcing our incoming CEO and Owner, Dr. Rumeet Billan.

A letter from our Co-CEOs, Stephania Varalli and Alicia Skalin.

To our WOI Community: 

In 2015, we were given the amazing opportunity to take the helm of Women of Influence. And thanks to the dedication of our team, the commitment of our partners, and the inspiration that we draw from you, our incredible WOI community, we’ve accomplished so much of what we set out to do over the past seven years — and even more that we hadn’t ever dreamed possible. 

Our WOI community has grown more than 10 times in size, and Women of Influence, in so many ways, has grown along with it.   

We knew that if we were to ever pass the torch to the fourth steward of this organization, that person needed to be someone with the expertise, the experience, the understanding, the passion, and the vision to not only carry on the WOI legacy, but to build upon it. 

Today, it is our honour and our pleasure to announce our incoming Women of Influence CEO, Dr. Rumeet Billan. Under Rumeet’s leadership, Women of Influence will continue to offer the events, content, and awards that have connected and inspired our community over the last 28 years — while expanding and evolving to meet the changing needs of today’s professionals and workplaces.



Stephania Varalli & Alicia Skalin

Co-CEO’s, Women of Influence