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Meet Justice & Nia, sisters building a platform for scalable social impact.

Justice Faith Betty and Nia Faith Betty

Justice Faith Betty and Nia Faith Betty are sisters and the founders of Révolutionnaire, an online platform for young changemakers that are passionate about having a positive impact on the world. Initially, Révolutionnaire was first created to revolutionize dance apparel after Nia spent years not being able to find dancewear that complimented her complexion and decided to design her own line. After disrupting the dance world with her inclusive apparel, Nia’s sister Justice — a woman equally passionate about social change, the racial wealth gap, access to education, and youth empowerment —  was inspired by Nia’s journey and presented her with an idea: what if more young people had the access, support, and resources to make necessary changes in this world? Together, these sisters worked together to transform Révolutionnaire into a resource passionate activists can utilize to scale their impact. Accompanied by a team of 30 Gen Z activists, organizers, and community leaders, Justice and Nia launched Révolutionnaire in June of 2021, and it is now a multi-pronged apparel and social change platform that focuses on food and housing insecurity, environmentalism, racial equity, anti-gun violence, and criminal justice reform. In 2022, they were honoured with our Top 25 Women of Influence Award


Our first job ever was being the co-founders of an e-commerce cupcake company, Cupcakes by Nia

Before my work with Révolutionnaire, I was…. a management consultant (Justice) and a ballerina (Nia). 

We founded Révolutionnaire because… as a ballerina, Nia spent countless hours dyeing dancewear to match her skin tone because there were no apparel options for dancers of colour. In 2019, Révolutionnaire launched as Canada’s first apparel company catering to dancers of colour. Inspired by Révolutionnaire’s impact within the dance industry and our passion for social change, we made it our mission to build Révolutionnaire into a platform to address a range of causes and empower others to make a difference. 

Our proudest accomplishment is… launching Révolutionnaire as the destination for young people who want to make a difference and have access to the network, tools, and information they need to scale their impact across causes.  

“Faith is literally in our names, and we attribute our successes thus far to maintaining our faith and belief in our dreams and power to make a difference.”

Our best advice for anyone that cares about a cause and wants to contribute to it would be… join Révolutionnaire to find content, conversations and community around the causes that you care about and tactical ways to make a difference. 

If we were to pick one thing that has helped us succeed, it would be… unwavering faith. Faith is literally in our names, and we attribute our successes thus far to maintaining our faith and belief in our dreams and power to make a difference.  

One of the ways we spend our downtime is… painting (Justice), and pilates and spin classes (Nia).

One person we are inspired by is… Deborah Cox. Deb has been an incredible supporter and source of inspiration. She is not only an immensely talented force, but she is also a trailblazer, a testament to the power of dreams, and an individual who has used her platform for decades to spread joy, hope, and optimism. 

A podcast we think everyone should know about is… Flowers & Crowns. This new podcast with host Bryan Lattimore is a celebration of Black Excellence and is dedicated to creating a little extra love and light in our world. Featuring guests like Misty Copeland and Steve Pamon, the podcast also gives listeners a chance to honor inspirational figures by giving them digital flowers on the F&C website.

One thing that we think could help change the course of history is… young people embracing their power and potential to make a difference. We created our platform to support that vision by building youth power because young people are experts in our experiences and deserve a voice in crafting solutions to the problems we all face.