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Meet Angela Aiello: aka ‘Super Wine Girl’ who has tasted over 10,000 wines in her 20-year career

With 20 years of experience in the wine, spirits and food business, Angela has a wealth of experience and knowledge with the millennial market. Her expertise lies around consumer behaviour, social media marketing, experiential tasting events, building brand awareness and global wine/food/drink trends and education. She has also hosted educational seminars, panel discussions, and was previously the Wine Editor for an international magazine. She has written about, wine, food and drink for many lifestyle publications, and has produced/hosted national on-air TV and radio segments – including live-to-air showings and has mastered the art of online videos. Known as @SuperWineGirl, her career has been about democratizing wine and giving consumers the keys they need to be their own wine critic.


My first job ever was… at a Pizzeria in a town called Smithville, swinging pizzas and deep-frying chicken wings! 

I realized that I had a passion for wine… when I moved to the big city and had no friends, but a lot of wine – and I knew a lot about them! 

For me, the perfect glass of wine is… poured at the perfect temperature in a beautiful glass. Right now I’m sipping great Chardonnay or Grenache-based blends.

My proudest accomplishment is… having travelled to over 14 countries to learn about wine, including working in a cellar for harvest in the South African Winelands in 2018. 

My boldest move to date was… incorporating a business, expanding a business and pivoting a business. 

I surprise people when I tell them…I’ve tasted over 10,000 wines in my career! 

My best advice to people thinking of formalizing their interest in wine is…be prepared to work hard and long, the wine business looks luxurious, and there are moments that are, but the majority of time is spent hustling. 


“The wine business looks luxurious, and there are moments that are, but the majority of time is spent hustling.”


My best advice from a mentor was… you’re a rockstar, just keep hustling. 

I would tell my 21-year old self… in 15 years, you’ll look back and be proud of what you accomplished. 

My biggest setback was… stretching myself too thin over business opportunities.

I overcame it by… hiring a consultant to research the business and give me guidance.

The best thing about what I do is… tasting the world and telling my stories to others through social media, celebrity and chef interviews and constantly learning about the world at the same time.

The most challenging thing about what I do is… staying healthy and humble through bottles and egos.

If I had an extra hour in the day, I would…spend more time in grocery stores and prep more meals! 

If you googled me, you still wouldn’t know…I have size 6 feet! 

I stay inspired by…meeting with mentors and mentees and travelling as much as possible.

My next step is…to complete my book – it’s about sex, wine and pizza! Follow my IG account for wine recommendations “Juice du Jour” and have all of your wine questions answered by @SuperWineGirl.