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4 things you can be doing to get your business through this

One of the top ten reasons that small businesses fail is due to cash flow — and the pressure is being heightened by the necessary measures put in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help women-owned small and medium businesses in Canada stay afloat — and stay positive — during this difficult time. Here are four things you can be doing to help your business. 


1) Focus on e-commerce, telesales, and virtual offerings 

If you have the capacity to complete online orders, let your customers know that they can still get their favourite items from the comfort of their home. If you don’t have e-commerce in place, can you take orders over the phone? Either way, make sure your website and social channels clearly and simply direct customers on what’s available and how to make a purchase. And now might be a good time to consider expanding digitally, from adding e-commerce to getting creative with your offerings. What products or services can you deliver virtually? 


2) Make gift cards available 

Gift cards are a great way to keep cash flow positive through the next 1-2 months. Make it easy with a digital purchasing option, that customers can use themselves or gift to their friends and family. It can help your business now and in the future, when it’s finally time to gather collectively again.




3) Focus on your community engagement

Have you wanted to improve your social media presence or start writing a newsletter, but always felt like you didn’t have enough time? Well, now is your chance. You can use these channels to engage with your customers, keep them up to date, or spark some joy. Don’t be afraid to throw out the script and get vulnerable with them, share in their frustrations, and try to bring light to their days. There is a lot of noise right now, so we think the best approach is authentic and supportive. Ask yourself, how can I help? 


4) Think about a brighter future.

As the saying goes, this too shall pass. If you have some extra time, why not use it to review your strategy? To consider new opportunities? To look into novel ways to grow and promote your business? Perhaps consider nominating yourself for the 2020 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards whilst nominations are still open.