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2020 Top 25 Women of Influence Awards Luncheon

On March 3rd, we celebrated the 2020 Top 25 Women of Influence. This year’s Top 25 women represented a variety of sectors, career stages, and contributions to women’s advancement. What do they have in common? They are all women of influence, who have left their mark over the past year. Some have reached impressive heights in their career, breaking through barriers to become visible examples of what women are capable of. Others are focused on supporting women and girls through their initiatives, both at a community level, and on the world stage. Many are giving a voice to the challenges women face in their lives and careers, helping to initiate important conversations that can lead to lasting change.

Notable guests

Our Keynote Speakers

Picture of Meet Autumn Peltier

Meet Autumn Peltier

At only 15 years old, Autumn Peltier is teaching us all to be more responsible about water. Having taken over the position of Chief Water Commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation from her late great-aunt, her activism has earned her accolades and global attention. She received a nomination for the 2019 International Children's Peace Prize, and has spoken multiple times at the UN, with a clear statement urging the community to respect the importance of clean water.

Picture of Meet Sally Armstrong

Meet Sally Armstrong

As a foreign correspondent, Sally Armstrong has spent decades dedicated to shining a light on the struggles of women and girls in conflict zones around the world, earning her the Amnesty International Media Award four times. Often called “the war correspondent for the world's women,” she has given a voice to countless individuals by sharing their stories. Passionate about women's rights, her latest effort has been to uncover the reason of why and how women have been treated as unequal for so long.

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