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Rina Rovinelli

Co-Founder, Speaker Slam

Rina Rovinelli, Co-Founder, Speaker Slam


Rina Rovinelli is best known for Speaker Slam, Canada’s largest inspirational speaking competition that she co-founded in 2016, and that now boasts monthly sold-out audiences and millions of video views from around the globe. What does one do with all that knowledge and experience? If you’re Rina, you launch Platform — a program that empowers marginalized individuals to claim their voice and reframe their narrative, so that it’s not about what happened to them, but who they are now because of it. The first cohort ran from September to December of 2019, with a group at Eva’s Place for homeless youth in transition. Offering speaking training and mentorship, Rina’s program is helping people to see the power in their own life experiences, and enabling them to share their stories in an inspiring way.

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