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Louise Sertsis

Founder, Advanced Freedom

Louise Sertsis, Founder, Advanced Freedom


After being diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis (MS) over twenty years ago, Louise gradually saw herself having to relinquish her independence. Determined to maintain a level of personal and financial freedom, she decided to start her own business tackling some of the challenges of mobility, comfort, and safety that wheelchair users face. Her debut product, the Handi Pac, is the first front-facing, two-part, secured and accessible wheelchair bag that is large enough to carry a variety of goods. In June 2019, Louise launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $15,000 (that she met and exceeded) to assist with manufacturing and marketing, and the Handi Pac became available for active wheelchair users to purchase soon after. Her company, Advanced Freedom, is dedicated to offering more innovative products in the years to come.