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Keisha and Teagan Simpson

Co-Founders, Live Life Unfiltered

Keisha and Teagan Simpson, Co-Founders, Live Life Unfiltered


Social media can be a catalyst for negative comparison, particularly for young women. Recognizing it would be better if we all could relate rather than compare, twin sisters Keisha and Teagan Simpson set out to shift the social narrative, founding an Instagram movement in 2018 called Live Life Unfiltered (@livelife_unfiltered). Pairing personal stories that typically wouldn’t be discussed on social media with a photo of the storyteller that is not photoshopped, edited or filtered, it’s a reminder that we all have insecurities and bad days, despite what Instagram portrays. In 2019, they launched the #AsSheIs Instagram Challenge to encourage even more women to show vulnerability and share their real unfiltered truths — and it reached over 100 million people, with participants from more than 60 different countries.