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Meet Benveet Gill Founder of ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre And 2019 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards Ones To Watch Award Winner


Benveet Gill

Founder, ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre

Ones to Watch Award


Benveet has over 10 years of experience as an X-ray technologist specializing in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab. Her life was changed forever when she was paralyzed from the waist down and diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis in July 2012. After years of hard work with her trainer, Nancy, she has regained a lot of her strength and mobility. She co-founded a ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre, offering neuro recovery through intense activity-based training programs.


My first job ever was… Health Care Attendant / Nurse’s Aide.

I decided to be an entrepreneur because… my city was lacking in neuro-rehab options and the universe showed me that this was my path, THIS is why I was paralyzed. 

My proudest accomplishment is… opening ReYu. The awards I’ve won are amazing and I’m extremely proud of those but giving someone the opportunity to stand and walk again is incomparable. Having my clients tell me that they put their hair in a ponytail or were able to get back into their wheelchair after falling out or seeing a little kid take their first steps…these are moments that fill my heart and make me incredibly proud.

My boldest move to date was… I’ve had many bold moves in my life but the one that stands out the most was leaving my ex-husband after he beat me up for the first and last time. I have a zero-tolerance policy and I didn’t look back or give him any more chances. 

I surprise people when I tell them… my age haha most people guess that I’m 10 years younger than I am.

I knew it was time to launch my business when… my trainer at the time, now business partner got a full-time job offer in Florida. I knew I needed her more and she said she would only stay if we did something worthwhile so we pulled up our big girl pants and decided to change the game of neuro-recovery in Edmonton.

My best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is… NEVER GIVE UP! It will be hard, you will face tough times and tough decisions but believe in yourself and your goal. I also recommend having a business partner that balances you, find someone whose strengths are your weaknesses and vice versa. With this formula, you WILL succeed.


Keep your ego in check and know when to step aside and let someone else take the reigns.


My best advice from a mentor was… keep your ego in check and know when to step aside and let someone else take the reigns of your business. She told me “a good leader knows when their time is done and they let someone else take their ideas and business to the next level.”

When the going gets tough, I tell myself… you’re doing this for all the people with disabilities who don’t have support. You’re providing a service that is literally changing people’s lives for the better. Kids are walking because of you. Adults have confidence in themselves and are seeking opportunities to be more involved in the community. You tell everyone else to “never give up” so take your own advice and keep going!

If I had an extra hour in the day, I would… play with my puppy! Since opening ReYu my quality time with him has decreased immensely, so I would take that time to cuddle him and play with him. 

I stay inspired by… the incredible stories of my clients. When they reach a milestone it gives me that extra push to keep going. When they tell me that their quality of life has improved and they are more confident my heart bursts. 

The future excites me because… there is so much potential for change in all aspects of neuro-recovery. We want to lead Canada into the future of neuro rehab. As technology improves and science proves that neuroplasticity is real, the potential is limitless. I want to change lives all over the world. I want everyone living with a disability to know that they CAN achieve more and they WILL if they never give up. 

My next step is… to continue to grow ReYu and change as many lives as possible. I will continue to motivate and inspire by sharing my story and those of my clients. We plan to change the way the medical system sees neurologic conditions, it’s not a death sentence there is always hope for recovery. I want to rid the world of the stigma surrounding people with disabilities, we are regular people too. I will continue to speak about racism and discrimination, by educating others we release the anger and hatred, therefore, decreasing it.