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#BossWhoMadeMe: Joanna Track – A series of open letters to Women Bosses who shaped us

The average person has about 12 jobs during the span of their working life — with this number increasing for millennial workers. Assuming that you have one boss per job, that is at least 12 bosses who will have a direct impact on your career. Some positively and some otherwise. And whilst through the course of your career you might work with a number of great bosses, there is always one who you feel forever indebted to. Maybe they gave your first job, maybe they encouraged you to believe in yourself or maybe they supported you through a difficult time. In the spirit of all things love — I penned an open letter to the Woman #BossWhoMadeMe and invited members from our community to pen theirs too.


By Ony Anukem


#BossWhoMadeMe: Joanna Track [Submitted by Stephania Varalli]

Dear Joanna,

I will keep this short and sweet (and full of parenthetical side commentary — an homage any Sweetspotter will understand).

I remember when I told you I wanted to get out of advertising. I made an off-the-cuff comment that the only way I could really see myself hitting the eject button was if I went to go work in the family business, or if I came to work for you. Not quite a year prior you had very bravely quit your ad agency job (and it should be noted you were a superstar there — when you were coming back from your stint in New York people talked about it like the second coming), and you started, your very own business. I was thinking at the time that it was the sort of thing I would want to do, but would never have the guts to do myself.

And then my little miracle happened: you took my comment and turned it into a job offer. At the time, was still just the sprouting seed of an idea, but you were so sure that it was going to be huge. I believed you (how could I not? You were so sure! And you had mathematical calculations!), and I jumped on board, and I got to be a part of making what I still think is one of Canada’s coolest digital properties ever. We went from two ladies in the back of your house to a big team in a swanky (and pinky) office at Bay and Bloor. Through it all you encouraged me, you let me be my weird self, and you always made it clear you valued me (with words and more).  

Here is what I learned from you: Dream big. Don’t be afraid to make those dreams a reality. Build the best teams. Make sure they know how amazing they are. Sit in a real chair (RIP, massage mat).

The whole life-changing, crazy adventure that was Sweetspot is something I will forever be grateful for.

But while we’re on the subject: I’m also grateful that you recommended me for that Women of Influence Magazine editing gig, and, bonus points, convinced me that I was qualified for it. And I’m very grateful that, less than a year later, you put my name forward as someone who could take over the whole WOI business. It is largely in thanks to you that I’m on my next amazing adventure.

Thank you (sweetly),



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Would you like to a share a #BossWhoMadeMe open letter to a woman boss who has had a positive impact on your career? Send us an email with your open letter and the best ones will be shared as part of our #BossWhoMadeMe series.