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Women of Influence Evening Series – Olivia Nuamah

On May 3rd, 2018, we welcomed Olivia Nuamah, Executive Director of Toronto Pride, to the podium at the Women of Influence Evening series to discuss her career progression and what it takes to succeed in a challenging leadership role.


What we learned:

  • Olivia didn’t see herself reflected in the city that she was born and raised in. She didn’t feel proud to be a woman of color in Toronto. She wanted to be in a place that looked like her so she moved to London, England. 
    • While there one of the leadership skills she developed was learning how to talk to people. By this she meant, learning how to ask someone who they were without offending them, and learning what it meant to honor people in a context that built trust.
    • The moment you start to realize that people have different experiences from your own, and the moment you start to empathize with those experiences things change, organizations change, and people change
  • Our favorite quote and biggest take away from Olivia was “Instead of trying really hard to be someone else, what I’m going to do is try even harder to be more of myself”.
  • Olivia states that what makes her a successful leader is, “the combination of the desire to want to be truthful, the desire to want to represent communities of color, and the need to respect every community”.

Congratulations to Alana Clancy!  Concluding the evening events, we announced the winner of our VIP Membership Experience Giveaway. Thanks to the generous contributions from our sponsors, Alana has access to a spot in the short-format executive education program offered by the Smith School of Business, a spa basket courtesy of Captivate, and one month free child care from Kids & Company.