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2017 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur TEC Canada Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Winner: Janet Zuccarini


Janet Zuccarini

CEO/Owner, Gusto 54

Winner, TEC Canada Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship

Janet Zuccarini got into the restaurant business over 20 years ago, having found a way to marry her love for business, food, and world travel while also enhancing the neighbourhood she lived in. Her vision? To build the most culturally relevant and celebrated collection of restaurants and innovative culinary experiences in the world, consistently delivering a transporting customer and employee experience complete with delicious food, inspiring design and passionate, soulful hospitality. Starting with Cafe Nervosa in 1996, which still sees over 800 customers a day in Toronto’s Yorkville, Janet has since launched several highly successful restaurants in Toronto and the united states, including Gusto 101, PAI Northern Thai Kitchen, and Felix Trattoria in Venice, California, among others.


What is the one piece of advice that you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be unstoppable in pursuing your passion. The number one determiner of success is grit. If one road leads to a dead end, your journey isn’t over; you must continue the search for that one open road which will lead you closer towards your goals.


What makes an effective leader?

An effective leader knows how to motivate and build teams, and possesses great communication skills as well as the ability to set goals and have a strong vision for the company.



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