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Montreal Council of Women

The combined membership of the Montreal Council of Women of over 30,000 women and men supports its aim to work and improve social conditions, especially as they affect women and children. The Council is strengthened by its affiliations with Le Conseil des femmes du Québec/the Provincial Council of Women of Quebec, women working together to improve the well-being of women, their families and Quebec society and with the National Council of Women of Canada
 The National Council of Women of Canada is one of 64 affiliates of the International Council of Women, which has Category 1 Consultative Status at the United Nations (ECOSOC).

As an association, the Council prides itself on the ability to bring people of different cultures and backgrounds together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and friendship. Through study, discussion and action, members inform themselves and those in their communities so that they can achieve MCW/CFM’s goals. For over 120 years, the MCW/CFM has been working together to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Montreal. 

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