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Top 25 Women of Influence 2017: Margaret Atwood



Margaret Atwood

Novelist, Poet, Essayist

Already a Canadian icon and an internationally recognized novelist, Margaret Atwood made another big splash on the world stage in 2017 with the TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. Her bestselling 1985 dystopian novel featuring an American theocratic dictatorship was given a modern reboot — with Atwood herself involved in the production. It has drawn comparisons to today’s reality; the Handmaid’s iconic red modesty costumes have popped up in protests in the U.S., and in a New York Times Op-Ed, Atwood reflected on what The Handmaid’s Tale means in the age of Trump. For many, it’s a warning sign of where things could be headed, and hopefully, a way to ensure that they don’t.



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