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Top 5 Books by (and about) Successful Women

These inspiring books feature successful women who have been through it all—from making mistakes in the boardroom to shying away from the c-suite. Women are now, more than ever, in an incredible spot to make their voices heard, and the following trailblazers have documented strategic paths to set us up for the future—for those starting out, or those aspiring to the corner office.


Anne-Marie Slaughter, Unfinished Business, September 2015


Anne-Marie, the first female director of policy planning at the US State Department in 2009, was confident she could have it all—but soon left due to parenting demands. Stemming from the success of Anne-Marie’s article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”, Unfinished Business focuses on what true gender equality should look like—including personal stories and action plans—to reveal her vision for the future, and how we can finally achieve equality.







Kirstine Stewart, Our Turn, October 2015Our_Turn_400x400


Our Turn offers a refreshing take on where women stand in the workplace. Kirstine draws from her own impressive positions at CBC and Twitter, and informs us that the time is now for new styles of leadership—and women are best-suited to make it happen. Focused on Millennials and the digital revolution, Kirstine discusses the changing expectations of those entering the workplace. Whether you’re just starting out or aspiring to be CEO, Our Turn will empower you to reach your full potential.






Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic, September 2015Big_Magic


Elizabeth spent 199 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list for Eat, Pray, Love, and we’re forecasting another literary win with Big Magic. This book draws on Elizabeth’s own generative wisdom, and offers a unique perspective on creativity. Elizabeth artfully connects how to tackle what we love, and stand up to what we fear, and how celebrating our curiosities can lead to a fulfilling and creative lifestyle.







Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, The Confidence Code, April 2014Confidence_Code


In The Confidence Code, Claire and Katty argue the key reason men dominate the corporate world over women is confidence. So how can women improve their confidence and get the careers they want and deserve? Katty and Claire combine cutting-edge research in genetics, gender, behaviour, and cognition, with examples from their own lives and from other successful women, to offer inspiration and practical advice to close the gender gap and get the career they want.






Jessica Bacal, Mistakes I Made At Work, April 2014Mistakes_I_Made_At_Work_400x400


In Mistakes I Made At Work, Bacal interviews twenty-five successful women—from the arts to finance—about their toughest moments on the job, and how it made them better leaders. Learn from the bestselling author of Wild, Cheryl Strayed; Stanford psychology professor, Carol Dweck; founding editor of, Anna Holmes; and many more. Mistakes I Made At Work is designed for those starting out their career—as well as those striving for perfection and not always getting there.






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