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Six books for empowering girls

From little girls to young ladies — to not-so-young ladies — we could all use some empowerment from the books we read. While strong female protagonists are becoming more common, girl power doesn’t always have to come with a bow and arrow. Through storytelling, role models, and good advice, these six books are guaranteed to uplift the girls in your life (and you along with them).


By Hailey Eisen








Girls Can Do Anything 


An inspiring bedtime story for the modern-day girl – this creatively rhyming, colourfully-illustrated book shows girls that anything is possible and nothing is out of their reach. From climbing a mountain to driving a fire truck, to becoming Prime Minister (author Caryl Hart hails from the UK, so your little Canadian will recognize the leadership term) — a girl can do or be anything she sets her mind to. Tapping into the power of positive women role models, girls will marvel at the amazing things the characters are accomplishing on the pages of this book while moms will love the empowering messages the book imparts. Build a house, pilot a space rocket, play hockey — the sky’s the limit.






The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes


If you know a young girl who struggles with perfectionism — this is the book for her. Children will laugh along with Beatrice Bottomwell who has never, not ever, made a mistake. In fact, she’s become a bit of a celebrity in her hometown thanks to her perfectness. But on the day of the annual talent show, Beatrice’s streak of perfection is about to come crashing to a halt — and she will learn a very powerful lesson about mistakes, and the joy and freedom that come with letting go. A fantastic resource for classrooms and a bedtime story that inspires real conversation, The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes is something we can all learn from (parents and kids alike).







Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls — Volume 1 and 2 — are packed with easily-understandable, perfectly age appropriate stories of extraordinary women from the past and present, illustrated by female artists from around the globe. These stories will inspire girls to learn more about game changers, inventors, leaders, artists, revolutionaries, and others who have changed — and are changing — the world. The perfect accompaniment to the books, I Am a Rebel Girl: A Journal to Start Revolutions provides activities that challenge perspective and prompt action. Following the huge success of the Rebel Girls books, a movement has sprung up, inspiring girls worldwide with a chapter book series, a podcast, art, stationery, a newsletter and more. Learn more at






The Confidence Code for Girls 

Taking Risks, Messing Up, and Becoming Your Amazingly Imperfect, Totally Powerful Self 


First came The Confidence Code, written by journalists Katty Kay (BBC World News America) and Claire Shipman (Good Morning America), to inform and guide women through the process of understanding the importance of confidence and learning to achieve it. What followed was an overwhelming number of requests to translate the book into something accessible to girls. The authors saw a paradox, familiar to all parents, that while girls were achieving like never before, they were consumed with doubt, obsessed with perfection, and overwhelmed by their online presence. To empower girls from a young age, Katty and Claire wrote The Confidence Code for Girls, and filled it with engaging content — including graphic novel strips, illustrations, lists, quizzes and challenges. The perfect starting point for girls who are ready to become bold, brave, and fearless and a fabulous resource for those already well on their way.






She Rises: Uplifting Words for Anxious Girls


Toronto speaker, educator, and founder of Girl Talk Empowerment — an organization that empowers girls to overcome personal challenges and be inspired to make their mark on the world — Katie Zeppieri has created something completely different with her new book of poetry, She Rises. Beautifully inspiring and honest, her illustrated poetry book takes readers on a mental health journey from darkness to light. Written in response to her own mental health struggles, Katie’s book serves as a reminder to girls everywhere that from darkness comes light, and from our lowest points, we can rise and persevere. From anxiety and depression to eating disorders and low self-esteem, the book speaks to challenges women and girls face and inspires hope and strength even in the most difficult times.







Strong is the New Pretty

A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves


What began as a personal project for photographer and mother of two girls, Kate T. Parker, has become an internationally bestselling, widely acclaimed tome celebrating — through stunning photography and quotes — a new, more empowered definition of beauty. Real beauty is about being your authentic self and owning it — and it’s that beauty that Kate captures in these arresting and candid images.  A book for every coach, mentor, teacher, mother and father of girls — these are the images girls can look to for inspiration. And for those ready to take it a step further, Strong Is the New Pretty: A Guided Journal for Girls invites girls ages 8 to 12 to discover and celebrate their independent, wild, silly, powerful selves.