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Thank You for Another Great Season

As I look back on an incredible Spring season of events, courses, content and consulting – I am abundantly grateful for the opportunities we’ve had and the highlights we’ve shared. So I would like to take this moment to say a big and heartfelt Thank You.

Thank You to:

Our Team…

Days before we announced a Strategic Alliance with Deloitte, a project I had worked hard to develop for the business, I shared the good news with the team by saying, “Because you are so good at your jobs, I could be good at mine”. I meant it with my whole heart and mind, and I am so inspired by the incredibly talented team we have here today.

Our Expert Coaches…

Together we have dreamt of these concepts, studied these topics and curated and designed the 7 courses we have now for our high potential and aspiring community members. So I am beyond pleased to celebrate that they are now selling out!

Google Analytics…

For allowing us to see how many aspiring women there are- ALL OVER THE WORLD – who are reading our stories on inspiring women. Hello, India!

Our Events…

For inspiring me with this line from Jessica Houssian of “Women Moving Millions”:

“I will identify the things I stand for – and the things I cannot stand – and that is where I will work and live.” Yes. This summarizes why I do what I do, because I cannot stand for gender inequality.

But that wasn’t the only thing that reminded me of why we do, and I do, what we do. A decade ago I set out to influence women. And the following comments are a constant reminder that what we do here does influence women in so many beautiful and empowering ways:

“ [The Luncheon Series and “Change Agent] panel made an impact and I wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the line-up and conversation we heard from these women. I love [the Spring] issue as well…it carries on from the luncheon weeks ago. As I find the time…I read 1 or 2 senior exec profiles and chew on each one for a bit before going back for another one. Well done!!” – Brocade

– “What an incredible evening last night – your events just keep getting better, if that’s possible!” – American Express Canada

– “The month of April has “almost” sped by without me extending an enormous thank you for all you do, and did, to make April 8 happen for our team. Our team has taken flight with the end of exams and new beginnings on the horizon. Many have expressed to me, that the opportunities that they have seized in these past few weeks, were enhanced by their feeling of empowerment from the luncheon. They left the room feeling like they really could achieve…that those feelings of doubt are shared by the very best and the brightest,…what you did to make April 8 happen, lifted each of us up….I will write again soon….just wanted to send some thanks your way today.” – Wilfred Laurier University

– “Thank you so much for the course yesterday. I left feeling energized and inspired. You provided me with so much useful and tangible advice. Best of all, it all seems easily actionable. I just need to get on it … and have some confidence. You have helped allay my apprehension of networking. I will be spending time today and over the course of the next week to properly flesh out my next steps and set some appropriate and realistic goals. I am excited about building my own path forward. That was the first time I took a Women of Influence course, but I am sure it won’t be the last. Thank you so much!” – Bombardier

– I attended your workshop a few weeks back about finding your passion …thank you so much for an inspiring session & also helping me think and work towards achieving my personal brand …I will always remember and treasure your words of wisdom & build on my confidence to become a better woman!! – BMO

And our sponsors…

For making this whole thing work.

To all of the women and men we inspire and corporations we support: thank you for letting us serve you and inspiring us for another great season.