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Arianna Huffington on Why ‘No’ is a Complete Sentence

Zena Olijnyk, Business News Network | 09/11/2013

Did you know that ‘NO’ is a complete sentence? Or that you can finish a project by dropping it?

When Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, said earlier this week at a “Women of Influence” luncheon in Toronto that these are just two simple ways for women – and people in general – to reduce stress in their lives, her words hit me like a bullet.

All the times I said “Well, no because…..” or forced myself to finish a book, watch a movie or agree to do some overtime or special extra project at work even though I felt it would interfere with my family life.

Well Huffington made it clear to me that it IS okay to drop something, or simply say no even to “good things,” if it means it will wear you down and prevent you from getting the proper work-life balance, such as being with your family. Read full Article>