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Dr. Eve Tsai, Neurosurgeon The Ottawa Hospital and Scientist

Named one of 2011’s Top 25 Women of Influence for her determination to succeed, Dr. Eve Tsai was also voted through an online poll to grace the cover of Women of Influence Magazine’s Winter issue. Her dedication and perseverance is inspiring; her breakthroughs revolutionary. Each day that she goes to work, whether as a neurosurgeon at The Ottawa Hospital, a scientist at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, or as a mentor to students at the University of Ottawa, she is one step closer to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. Throughout her career, Dr. Tsai has also been breaking barriers as a member of over 30 boards, including being the current president-elect of Women in Neurosurgery (WINS). Join us on March 29, 2012 to be inspired to achieve your own career breakthrough.

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