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Linda Biggs

Linda Biggs, Co-Founder, joni, a sustainable menstrual care brand on a mission to make period equity possible.

When 1 in 3 women under the age of 25 are not able to afford menstrual care products, things need to change. Enter Linda Biggs and joni. Linda is the co-founder and co-ceo of joni,  a 21st-century menstrual care startup that gives back to local communities. After holding positions in operational leadership, clients services, and management coaching with large organizations, Linda’s culmination of experiences led her to launch joni alongside her co-founder, Jayesh Vekariya, in 2020. Founded as a for-profit social enterprise intent on making the world a better place with sustainable and accessible menstrual care products. Linda is on a mission to make period equity possible – joni gives 5% to period equity initiatives in North America. Unapologetically inclusive, Linda and joni actively work on policy boards and coalitions to ensure that 30% of the population who menstruates is supported. joni is disrupting the monopolized feminine hygiene industry with an innovative, award-winning, free-vend period care dispenser to support a national shift toward free period care within workplaces – just like toilet paper. joni works with schools and organizations to help them transition to provide accessible menstrual care products to their students and staff. As a mother herself, Linda has a deep desire to connect what she does every day with the world she wants to help create for her daughters, challenging the status quo, dismantling stigmas, and creating a more equitable future for all.