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Elvalyn Brown

She champions change in equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility as a positive disruptor.

Elvalyn Brown is a founding member of the Black Ontario Public Services Employees (BOPSers) Network, a forum that provides public service employees with information, methods for problem solving, the promotion of best practices, and the formulation of policy and legislative recommendations to create a healthier and more inclusive environment and removing deeply systemic barriers to success for equity-seeking groups. After experiencing a toxic work environment and a lack of career progression due to anti-Black racism and punishment by management who attempted to silence her and stunt her growth because of her insistence on fair and equal treatment — not just for herself, but for other Black Ontario Public Service employees — Elvalyn knew a change was necessary and helped create the BOPS.

In 2022, Elvalyn successfully established a Black Equity Branch, specifically created to remove systemic barriers and champion meaningful change within the Ontario Public Service (OPS). Her work has been majorly impactful in the elimination of systemic anti-racism, diversity, and accessibility, and she helped play a key role in the BOPS being considered one of Canada’s top 25 Diversity Employers. Elvalyn views change in equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (EDIA) as a positive, necessary disruptor; her EDIA initiatives have helped to create eleven equity-deserving networks, a Diversity Office, an Anti-Racism Directorate, a Black Equity Branch, an Indigenous Equity Branch, anti-racism working groups, and a number of of programs addressing systemic barriers faced by employees. She has contributed to the work that produced the creation of race-based data collection, anti-racism legislation, anti-racism policies, and the creation of programs to create a culture where everyone feels like they belong and can bring their authentic selves to work.