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Meet Anna Sainsbury, Chairman & Founder of GeoComply.

2021 RBC Momentum Award Winner

Anna Sainsbury, former Commercial Director of TST, has over 10 years experience in regulation and compliance across both the land-based and online gaming industries. Anna has worked with regulators, operators and vendors throughout North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. More recently Anna has taken up the challenge of developing and delivering a reliable geolocation solution for the U.S. Intra State market. As Chairman of GeoComply, Anna is now working with some of the first movers in the emerging U.S. online gaming market to harness the latest technologies to ensure compliance with UIGEA and other governing laws.

My first job ever was… At a coffee shop in West Vancouver. I used to memorize every regular customer’s drink of choice and start making them before they arrived. Customer service work is a masterclass in staying involved with all sides of the business while maintaining focus on the clients, which is a balance that I continue to strive for at GeoComply. At the end of the day, whether in a coffee shop or at a tech company, the person consuming our products should get the biggest slice of our attention.

I decided to be an entrepreneur because… I was always creative and loved solving problems. The flexibility that being an entrepreneur affords me is a big plus as well. To be honest, my younger self was probably drawn to the independence of it, but over the years teamwork has become more and more important to how our business operates.

My proudest accomplishment is… Outside of my family, launching my company! We were truly an underdog in unknown waters, but 10 years later I am so proud of how we not only survived, but thrived amidst various challenges. There is no better feeling than seeing your passion come to life.

My biggest setback was… Having dyslexia. Writing is incredibly challenging for me: oftentimes, the ideas in my head seem incoherent on paper. This has been a real difficulty in business, where written communication is often key to persuasion and success.

I overcame it by… Emphasizing my strengths in verbal communication, prioritizing succinctness, and being personable in all settings. I’ve also found AI-powered grammar and editing tools especially helpful, and in my work, I collaborate with effective writers to bring ideas to life.

If you Googled me, you still wouldn’t know… I love yoga! It keeps me centered every day. I recommend everyone to find a pillar for consistency and wellness in their own lives. It certainly doesn’t have to be yoga, but staying active and mindful is essential.

When starting my business, I wish I knew… How to code.