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June Joplin, known by many as Pastor June, is a Mississauga-based pastor whose coming out as a transgender woman during a livestream sermon on June 14, 2020 proved to be the message of acceptance and love needed by many in the world of queer Christianity. 

It is a message that is far too often lacking in the lives of transgender people, especially trans Christians who are often faced with the task of choosing between their true selves and their faith. Inspired by her own experience as an 11-year-old — the age when she felt called to ministry, while also having intense feelings that she should be a girl — June hoped to use her position as Pastor to provide the affirmation she’d lacked growing up to all those trying to reconcile their faith and their identity, especially transgender youth.   

Shortly after the revelation, June lost her job after a congregational vote (52% in favour of termination, ‘for theological reasons’) that was in direct opposition to the outpouring of love from parishioners and supporters on social media. Nevertheless, June continues to share her message through weekly sermons, available on her YouTube channel, and guest preaching.