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3 things you can be doing to support the WOI Entrepreneur Community

These are challenging times to navigate — but while we socially distance, remember the only way we can get through this is together as a community. Just take a look at your local area and you will see shops, restaurants, bars, service providers and more forced to cut their business back or shut their doors entirely. “Foot traffic” is gone, and rightly so. 

For many small business owners — in the WOI community and beyond — these closures might outlast the global COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to support your favourite small businesses during this time, here are 3 tangible things you can do right from the comfort of your home.



1) If you can, make a purchase.  

Many of your favourite local businesses will have online stores or offer telesales in addition to their physical locations. If you are in the position to make a purchase, now is a great time. Delivery channels are still up and running (from meal delivery to Canada Post), albeit with some social distancing measures in place to make it safe. Gift cards are a great option, as they help to keep a small business’s cash flow running, even if they can’t offer their product right away. Also, if you have a monthly membership at a local fitness provider like a boutique gym or yoga studio, consider keeping your membership active, and asking for an extension instead.

2) Write them a review

Times are tough, and you might not have the money to spare or the need for anything new. You can still support them by leaving online reviews and letting others know just how much their business means to you. You might give someone who is thinking about making a purchase the needed confidence to go ahead with it. 


3)Let them know that you believe in them. 

In a period of isolation and uncertainty, a gesture of support and care can go a long way. Send them an email, or give them a shout-out on your socials. Behind the scenes, you can sign up for their newsletter or start following them on social media. And if you want to give them a vote of confidence, we have started an Instagram highlights series dedicated to supporting small businesses, send us a DM or email with their Instagram handle and we will feature them.