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Top 25 Women of Influence 2018: Jessica Yamoah & Sarah Juma



Jessica Yamoah & Sarah Juma

Co-founders, Innovate Inclusion

Jessica Yamoah and Sarah Juma are the founders of Innovate Inclusion, a non-profit that advocates for the entrepreneurial success of underrepresented communities. Their mission is easily summed up in three words: Engage, Advocate, Educate. They foster awareness around the importance of inclusive community engagement; advocate for the economic development and success of underrepresented communities; and educate corporations, communities and individuals by providing access to programs and services that support personal and professional growth. In May 2018, the organization released the Ontario Incubator Diversity Report, for which they conducted a scan of four leading Ontario government funded Incubators. By analyzing the ethnic diversity of advisory boards, executive teams, start-up teams and mentors, as well as noting any diversity focused programming available at each location, its objective was to make recommendations designed to support the challenges that underrepresented entrepreneurs face while launching and growing their business with a focus on technology.



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