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Women of Influence Evening Series – Katie Telford

On June 19th, 2018, we welcomed Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Canada, to the podium at the Women of Influence Evening series to discuss her career progression and how she became the most powerful woman in Canadian Politics.

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Meet Katie Telford

Meet Katie Telford

When she was 12 years old, Katie Telford did a stint as a page at Queen’s Park. It was the first official step on a path towards a political career that has led her to become one of the most powerful women in government, all before the age of forty. As Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister she’s co-leads the PMO, managing the senior staff, attending cabinet and caucus meetings, and acting as a trusted advisor on all matters. One of Trudeau’s top strategists, he has referred to her as the “core of my inner circle” — giving Katie influence that extends across the country, and beyond.

To listen to the live event, visit our Live from the Podium audiocast and gain insights and inspiration.