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Four books that changed the Women of Influence team’s careers


Our team at Women of Influence all share a passion for inspiring and empowering women to succeed. These are the books that made a profound impact on our own careers, and helped us thrive on the path to success.



Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance


“Elon Musk is one of Silicon Valley’s most intriguing entrepreneurs, and is constantly pushing boundaries. Since buying Women of Influence, a company that has been around for over two decades, his innovative thinking has inspired me to identify the new directions our company can go and succeed, and the boundaries we can push within the organization and the industry at large.” – Alicia Skalin, co-CEO



The Inner Game of Work by Timothy Gallwey


“Ironically, Timothy Gallwey started his career as a tennis coach but through some special circumstances, he was invited in to work with high powered executives to help them learn to coach for performance improvement. I might be biased given that executive coaching is a critical part of the work I do, but I found this book to hit on so many important points around supporting people in their effort to improve their own performance.” – Christine Laperriere, Executive Director, Women of Influence Advancement Centre 



Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain 



“I like to call myself an introvert in disguise. I’m fully capable of — and often enjoy — large social gatherings and presenting in front of groups. That said, I’m never the loudest person in a room and often balk at networking opportunities and meetings where I’m expected to speak up. This book gave me permission to just be quiet sometimes, and not worry that it’s damaging my career — it might actually be improving it.” – Teresa Harris, Social Media and Content Manager



She Laughed All Way to the Bank – Financial Empowerment for Canadian Women by Cindy Skrukwa


“It’s a crazy thing but when I was 26 I bought a media company and I made my first million by 28. At the time, I felt guilty for being financially successful in my own right. I didn’t have one single reference point for owning my money and being emotionally okay with it. There was NO literature on women and wealth until I found Cindy’s book. CHANGED MY LIFE. She gave me permission to own it and run with it and ENJOY IT!!” – Jan Frolic, Vice President