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Our Top 5 Favourite Baroness von Sketch Show Clips

The stars of CBC’s Baroness von Sketch Show have life as a woman pegged. Catch two of them — Jennifer Whalen and Aurora Browne — at our Evening Series premiere event, where they’ll riff on the up-hill battle they’ve faced being women in comedy, and how they’ve found success despite the odds stacked against them.



5. For the women who are just trying to do their job.


Next question? Anyone? Anyone else?



4. For the women who will do just about anything to make the transaction go through.


Never let debit issues get between you and your comfort food.



3. For the women who push their dry shampoo to its limits.


When you have dry shampoo, who needs to shower?



2. For the women getting it done.


It’s the G4 Summit, but not quite.



1. For the women who are just misunderstood.


Giving new meaning to the phrase “lost in translation.”



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