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Five Minutes With Kathy Gregory, Winner Of The 2016 Award For Excellence In Entrepreneurship

Kathy Gregory, Founding President & CEO
Paradigm Quest Inc.
Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship



About Her Business

Founded by Gregory after being let go from her position in the world of finance, Paradigm Quest Inc. is the fastest growing mortgage company in Canada, providing a one-stop solution from origination to providing cost effective back office mortgage solutions to lenders, which enables them to proactively respond to market conditions, lead the market in innovation, and ultimately provide the mortgage consumer with greater choice and an unparalleled mortgage experience. Paradigm is recognized by major Canadian financial institutions as a leading BPO in the financial services sector and has signed major outsourcing contracts with Canadian chartered banks.


What does winning this award mean to you?

“It’s been a tremendous experience. Not only the amazing and inspiring women I met at the Award Gala, and learning about their success stories, but the amazing women who have subsequently reached out. I’m thrilled to say, I’m mentoring one of them on her journey now and another that I hope to bring on board to my organization in a leadership role. Not to mention the tremendous acknowledgement from our key clients! All in all, what a truly amazing life experience the CEA was for me.”


If you were in a room full of entrepreneurs, what is the one piece of advice that you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Have courage and go for it. Surround yourself with people who have complementary skill sets, and listen to their input. The way I see it is that I don’t want to have any regrets, and often will rely on my courage to implement new strategies. Failure is when you don’t try, expect to make mistakes and own up to them.”


How have you overcome your biggest obstacle and how did it lead to success?

“We faced the biggest obstacle when the credit crisis occurred. The long-term plans we had laid out needed quick revision. After many iterations of what we thought was the final plan, another regulatory change occurred and the plan had to change again. What we became really good at is adapting to change, rounding up all leadership to the table; our “code red” meetings and problem solving, while providing solutions quickly. I believe I have the best problem solving leadership team in the industry, supported by our culture of pure transparency; no ego allowed and where everyone takes ownership of the issue and the resolution.”


About the Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship

Through timely innovation, strategic thinking and smart execution, the recipient of this award has built and managed one or more successful businesses over a period of 10 years. With a proven track record of growth, profitability, and industry leadership, this entrepreneur’s exploits have generated an uncommon degree of economic growth, and she has shown to possess the drive, managerial acumen and leadership traits that others aspire to have.






Other Awards

Micro Business Award: This entrepreneur owns a small business that generates annual revenues under $1 million.

Telus Trailblazer Award: The recipient of this award is a true trendsetter. She has recognized a new market, product, service, technological advancement or opportunity and led the way.

Staples Start-Up Award: This award celebrates the achievements of an entrepreneur who, in a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years, has developed her business into one that’s ready for the next level of growth.

RBC Momentum Award: This entrepreneur has successfully capitalized on opportunities to deliver 10% or more growth, year-over-year for three years or more. 

Social Change Award: Awarding an exceptional leader of a registered charity or not-for-profit that is dedicated to social change. Applicants have garnered extraordinary support from the community by being champions for philanthropy and volunteerism in Canada.