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Women of Influence Evening Series – Marci Ien

Thank you for joining us at the Women of Influence Evening Series, featuring Marci Ien. We hope you left feeling inspired by Marci’s story and the power embracing career transition. Check out some of the key takeaways from the keynote address:

  • Mourning your loss: Marci explains that at these pivotal times we have to take care of ourselves first and that “It’s one thing to say keep your chin up, to embrace the change and move forward but you have to take time to mourn your loss and then move on”
  • Embracing Fear: This new transition forced Marci to a new direction that was completely different.  Fear propelled her to new heights, and a more fulfilling life on a new path that had she not been put in that position wouldn’t have experienced. As Marci so inspiringly explained sometimes, we don’t understand at the time that we need what we need. 
  • Reaching out to others: “Figure out how others are doing what you want to be doing and how they got there”

Next Up: Join us on May 3rd to hear from Working Moms, Producer, Writer and Actor Catherine Reitman.Tickets are selling fast, get yours today!