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Women of Influence Luncheon Series – Debbie Travis

On March 9th, 2017, we welcomed 500 guests to the premiere of the Women of Influence Luncheon Series in Toronto. We turned the spotlight on Debbie Travis, who gave a witty and inspiring keynote about her journey to becoming an entrepreneurial mogul and paving the way for home renovation reality shows.

What we learned:

  • How do we do what we want to do? “We need the tools… and I call my tools the Ten Commandments”

  • Commandment #1 – Dream it, Do it, Live it “You can dream it, but then you must do the work. Live it is the consequences of what you’re going to do.”

  • Commandment #2 – Finding Your Passion “I think of passion as an idea, and I think of an idea as a tiny seed.” This little seed is in your head, and once you start to tell people that seed begins to grow. 

  • Commandment #3 – Protect Your Brand “Everyone is a brand, It’s the most precious thing you have, it’s what people say about you”

  • Commandment #4 – Embrace Your Mistakes “Success comes from the solution of those mistakes”  

  • Commandment #5 – Fear! Screw it, Just do it “Don’t let fear hold you back from taking the leap and living your passion”

  • Commandment #6 – Get Support “We need support, and we have to make friends that will help us”

  • Commandment #7 – Learn From The Best  “It’s very easy to access the people we admire on the internet, and people love to share and tell their stories”

  • Commandment #8 – Have a Sense of Humor  “Being able to laugh at yourself and having a sense of humor about life”

  • Commandment #9 –  Make the Connection “I would like to bring the word social back into social media, it’s so important to get to know people again and make that effort”

  • Commandment #10 – Balance equals Happiness “Creating balance in my life has been the most important thing in keeping me sane and able to grow. Balance is the key to happiness and success”

To learn more from this inspiring role model, check out Debbie’s article The Dolce Vita of Debbie Travis….. 

Photography by Morgan Hotston Photography