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2016 Gift Guide for Empowered Women & Girls

When the holidays come around, knowing what to buy for the empowered woman or girl in your life isn’t always intuitive. These ladies are opinionated, strong, and want to be inspired. Luckily, we’ve done the work of curating a list of thoughtful gifts for you, so you’re guaranteed to hit the mark.




‘A Woman’s Place’ Sweater

Even when she’s off-duty, she still wants to make a statement in support of women’s professional advancement. This comfy sweater speaks for itself, and we think she’ll agree with what it has to say. $35 USD,


Girl Power notebook

An excellent stocking stuffer, this notebook will remind any powerful woman or girl just how strong she is every time she takes notes, or has her next amazing idea that she just has to write down. $15,


Marie Curie doll

Despite years of Barbie telling us what “female” is supposed to mean, it turns out dolls can be empowering too. Take this Marie Curie one from the Miss Possible collection. Currie, a world renowned chemist and physicist, comes complete with her very own Marie Curie lab coat. We can’t think of a better playtime companion for the tiny future scientist in your life. $45,


Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual

Part manual, part manifesto, Feminist Fight Club blends the personal story of a group of women who formed a secret group in New York City with cutting edge social science research to provide practical advice for how to combat today’s sexism in the workplace. The author provides practical hacks for pushing back against instances of “Manterrupting” and “Bropropriation.” The book has won the praises of Sheryl Sandberg and Broad City’s Ilana Glazer, and will surely make the professional woman in your life a) laugh and b) better equipped to succeed. $15, amazon. $21.99,


G(irls)20 stock

G(irls)20, our charity of choice, is a Canadian-based, globally active social enterprise that cultivates a new generation of female leaders through education, entrepreneurial training, leadership, and global experiences — with one ultimate goal: Increasing female labor force participation around the world. Make a donation in her name and give her the satisfaction of knowing it went towards effecting real world positive change. Any amount,


Evaline: A Feminist’s Tale

This novel by M. Sheelagh Whittaker chronicles the impact of the sixties women’s liberation movement through the life of a woman called Evaline Sadlier. The story follows her from childhood to maturity, illustrating how she made her mark as a person and as a businesswoman, and giving the reader a glimpse at how she got to where she is. Ms. Whittaker herself was once hailed by the Toronto Globe and Mail as being a pioneer for women’s professional success, and was even featured on the front of the New York Times’ business section for having broken the glass ceiling. When so much of a girl’s success lies in knowing what she wants is possible, giving her a role model to look up to is invaluable. From $9.99,


Future Smart Girl onesie

No matter her age, it’s never too early to start empowering your favourite young women to strive for success. When she can’t quite speak yet, let this onesie, sold by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls organization, speak for her. $20,


Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish, a Canadian innovation, is a sustainable and effective way to combat iron deficiency, which affects nearly every woman around the world. With every fish sold, one is given to a recipient need, helping to empower women around the world to improve the health of themselves and their families and reach their full potential. So far, over 80,000 Lucky Iron Fish have made it to the pots of families from Canada to Cambodia. $29.99,