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Meet entrepreneur and rocket scientist Nisha Sarveswaran

Nisha Sarveswaran didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur. As a trained aerospace engineer with proven ability to develop complex project solutions in data analysis, optimization, and hardware/software systems, she used her skills to notice a major gap in the marketplace. She started Ambience Data, an air monitoring system that provides quick access to accurate data about the air quality within a local area, to help make air quality data useful and accessible.

Nisha has partnered with Cisco’s Circle of Innovation, an internship program managed by Cisco, Communitech, and Business Development Bank of Canada with interns from the University of Waterloo, to help grow Ambience Data’s digital presence. We asked Nisha and her new intern, Kirthi Maguluri, about their new partnership and how they’ll be using technology to collaborate and drive future growth and success.

I decided to be an entrepreneur because I saw a gap in the market that I could fill. I was looking for air quality information and realised there was a huge gap in the information provided to the public. With my background in data analysis, I believed I had the capabilities to create a company that would provide local air quality information to the public.

My boldest move to date was starting this company.

My best advice to those starting their own business is to fully believe in their vision and find people with the same passion and belief in the company. It will be difficult to grow the business if there are negative seeds in the beginning stages of the company.

I surprise people when I tell them I’m a Rocket Scientist; I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering and have worked in a wide range of fields including Aviation.

Technology has helped my business because it allowed me to spread the word about my new business on a global scale. Without the technology we have now, we would be restricted to mailing out information packages. It also allowed me to find resources I require to enhance my business. There are a wide range of resources available for entrepreneurs and I would not have been able to find them without the technology we have today.

I plan to use technology in the future to provide real-time local air quality information to the public on a global scale.

Meet Nisha’s intern, Kirthi Maguluri

School: University of Waterloo

Program: Management Engineering

Year of Study: 3rd

What are you looking forward to at your new internship?

I’m looking forward to gain deep understanding and hands on experience in product management and user experience. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and execute new ideas to improve the overall product and drive growth for the entrepreneurs.

How will you use technology to engage with your new employers?

Cisco WebEx Cloud has great products that ease the hardships regarding remote communication. WebEx offers the best real-time web communication and simplifies scheduling events and meeting online, hence I will be using WebEx to engage with new employers.


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