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Women of Influence Evening Series – Lesley-Anne Scorgie

“The biggest financial obstacles for women aren’t their actual finances; they are their mindsets.”

On May 4th, 2016, we welcomed Lesley-Anne Scorgie to the podium at the Women of Influence Evening series to discuss her career as a best-selling author and financial guru.

From the age of 10, Lesley-Anne has worked to build her net worth and become right by 30. Along the way, she has become a go-to financial advisor helping women learn to manage their money.

Check out some of the key takeaways from the keynote address:

  • How did Lesley-Anne make her start as an entrepreneur?  Aside from investing her first Government Savings Bond at the age of 10, Lesley-Anne also babysat, had a newspaper route, and worked at the local library.
  • Lesley-Anne’s key tip for financial success: Do not rely on one source of income. “Get your hustle on, use your talent, and go make extra money!”
  • Advice for real-life obstacles: What did Lesley-Anne learn when her money dried up from her book sales? To budget your money, use your talents, make good quality investments, and seek out financial advice.
  • The importance of financial literacy: Lesley-Anne spoke to the importance of teaching financial literacy in schools. Thankfully, we were hosting two volunteers from Malvern Collegiate, who started learning early how to manage their money!

For more information and insights from Lesley-Anne, check out her feature in Expert Advice.

Photography by Clix Visions Photography