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What Boundaries Will You Break?

What boundaries will you break? Whether you say it out loud, or just feel it in your heart, knowing what boundaries you want to break is how you will create a legacy.

Funny though, our role models have told us they didn’t think about their legacy. They just focus on the work; they love what they do. This is a beautiful virtue of women, modesty.

But let’s do it on purpose, shall we? Let’s feel the impact of our hard work, dedication and love for our crafts, because it goes to making something better and is in fact blazing trails for others.

We’re not talking about legacy for public recognition, or boundary breaking for the awards and accolades, it’s the dream of something that may not seem possible and it’s the determination to make something come true—the willingness to stretch and try, and learn, and try again.

I am thinking about the dreams of our community at this time of year, the learned mindset of sharpening pencils, and organizing of notebooks, ready to capture big bold ideas, the work that will lead to breaking barriers; whether an academic acceptance, a big promotion, directorship, or, as in the case of our women on the podium this September, being invited to the coveted front row at Paris Fashion Week, taking corporate giants across continents; and oh, I don’t know, breaking the Sound Barrier!

This fall marks our 20th anniversary of inspiring events.

We broke barriers in 1994 by being the first company to profile female CEO’s on a podium. So, to celebrate that we selected three women who too were breaking barriers 20 years ago and are still going strong today—reinventing, leading, and leaving ever-evolving legacies for future generations to live up to.

Do you want to meet them, or what?!

This fall, join us in leaving a collective legacy as a community of amazing, inspiring, ambitious, influential women by being fearless, by being assertive, and knowing what boundaries you are going to break.

You are invited! The Women of Influence birthday celebration is on September 30th. And, if you want to read my retrospective article on our “20 Years of Inspiration” find it here!