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What do Women of Influence do on Vacation?

“Don’t work too hard,” was the well intentioned advice my father used to share, usually on a sunny summer Friday when he would call to check in, from his office mind you. Despite us knowing we all need to rest and play to function at our best, we’re not very good in weaning away from our work, emails, and busy schedules as aspiring professional women. Here’s what I’m thinking about this summer, as I sit from my own much-needed vacation (working).

The first consideration should be knowing how you best de-stress. I’ve seen some de-stress on vacation by being still on a beach chair or binging on a Netflix series, but like any strong A-type personality, I unwind through activity. So what may appear to be a full schedule to some, is actually doing wonders for me to process, learn and recharge, through getting active, exploring, reading and having some good old fashioned play time.

This year my vacation includes a week in the country to unwind with family (but still plugged-in), and then a week in Los Cabos, Mexico to have some fun with a long time girlfriend (unplugged); and I could not be more excited and grateful.

On the top of my to do list is getting to know more about Brené Brown. After watching her powerful TED Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability,” Brené’s research and storytelling is—I’m convinced—required reading for everyone; as a woman of influence, you definitely want to be up on the trend of wholehearted living.

What Ted Talk got our attention and 15 million others.

Catch Brené on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Read one of Brené’s lessons that further piqued my interest here.

Here’s a list of some of the other things on my #whatwomenofinfluencedo vacation plan:

• Yoga with Sean Corn on YogaGlo
• Reviewing course materials from Marie Forleo’s B-School, an awesome marketing training course for entrepreneurs
• Hiking the Bruce Trail with my son to jump in puddles and pick wild flowers
• Run around the block, or in my case, a concession in farm country

What do YOU do to unwind on vacation?