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Women of Influence and Gearing Up to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

2014 marks the 20th anniversary for Women of Influence and we’re gearing up to celebrate!

Since we opened our doors, business has changed. Generations have grown up. Women are more vibrant than ever. As a result, we continue to evolve our offerings each year, and this flagship year, we’re excited to introduce our new look to reflect that change.

We’ve been listening, researching and analyzing trends on what drives women’s success and also – what blocks it. We’ve met with countless women at the Senior Executive level to learn and share their stories – the highs and lows on the way to the top. I’ve had the opportunity to personally interview the leaders and experts who hire and market to women so that we can all better understand and fix the ‘disconnect’. So we can be your experts on closing the gap.

What have I learned?

  • Corporations need women at the top, but often don’t have the right solutions in place to advance them. This results in the pattern of dropping out, opting out, and overall fatigue for the movement.
  • Women and men can work incredibly well together when they understand how each other think and the unique strengths they each bring to the table. Getting this right is truly groundbreaking.
  • Women still want and need inspirational role models, connections, advancement and opportunities to build their leadership potential among their peers.

These beliefs have led me to build Women of Influence from a company that inspires, to a company that can, and will change the game for women from both sides of the glass ceiling; women and corporate culture.

After 20 years, we can say, we’ve done our homework and you can rely on us to bring the A-list speakers to the podium, report on the most current and inspirational success stories, partner with highly respected executive teachers and delivering the best practises to evolve your corporate culture. We have the solutions to women’s advancement. Through print, events, social media, digital assets and multiple awards – Women of Influence is an integrated, multi-platform, powerhouse.

Are you ready?