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Women of Influence and Queen’s School Of Business Partner to Address Canada’s Productivity Gap



Women of Influence and Queen’s School Of Business

Partner to Address Canada’s Productivity Gap


New certificate program helps further the pace of women’s advancement and success

TORONTO, June 19, 2013 Women are not advancing at an acceptable rate in senior management ranks despite years of effort, and they continue to opt-out of major firms in frustration.  To address this challenge, the Women of Influence Advancement Centre has partnered with Queen’s School of Business, a leading provider of management education, to develop a unique certificate program aimed at strengthening women’s professional skills.


Corporate Canada is suffering a productivity gap because it is wasting its most valuable asset—the human capital of women. The facts are irrefutable: only 5% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women and women only constitute 15% of senior management and board ranks.


“It is time to step up our game to provide aspiring women with more of the tools, networks, and credentials they need to succeed,” said Carolyn Lawrence, President and CEO, Women of Influence Inc.


The Executive Certificate in Leadership from the Women of Influence Advancement Centre and Queen’s School of Business brings together a carefully selected group of leaders, coaches and resources to prepare Canada’s aspiring women leaders to elevate their influence, tap into their passion for increased performance, and achieve new levels of organizational impact.


Recent research with corporate Canada’s top women revealed that to advance their careers women need to develop stronger skills in decision making, effective influence, resilience, drive, personal effectiveness, and personal resource development, cross-gender peer bonding and networking, seizing control of directions, and focusing on quick wins that build trust and resources.


The Executive Certificate in Leadership provides ambitious women an ideal platform for developing these much-needed professional skills,” said Barbara Dickson, Managing Director of Executive Education at Queen’s School of Business.


Executive Certificate in Leadership

Directed specifically at women who have completed an undergraduate degree and are advancing through the ranks of management, the six-course curriculum combines topics that promote proactive business leadership, including personal branding, executive presence, effective team building, networking and influencing, as well as courses in finance and innovation. Courses will be both women-exclusive and mixed gender, giving women the opportunity to build their insights, relationships and networks.


To provide the ultimate flexibility for women to work around other priorities, certificate courses range from half-day to two-day format and can be taken a la carte. The program is also affordably priced with almost half of the courses priced at less than $500, and special incentive pricing in place.


“The program was designed so that participants don’t have to take too much time away from home or ask employers to sponsor a big ticket item in order to advance,” said Lawrence.


The leadership, human capacity and affluence of women are the paradigm shift needed in business and social effectiveness if Canada is to retain and advance its competitiveness in the global marketplace.  Affluence builds infrastructure and provides the resources to develop skill levels that lead to breakthroughs and innovation.


“We need to advance the momentum of change for women and shatter the proverbial glass ceiling from both sides,” said Lawrence.


About Queen’s School of Business

Queen’s School of Business is one of the world’s premier business schools—renowned for exceptional programs, outstanding faculty and research, and the quality of its graduates. Canadian executives regard Queen’s as Canada’s most innovative business school, offering students academic excellence and a superior overall experience. Queen’s School of Business—where Canada’s first Commerce program was launched in 1919—is located at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. The School also delivers programs at locations across Canada, as well in the U.S. and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


About Women of Influence Advancement Centre

Women of Influence (WOI) is a community of 120,000 aspiring and successful women and an organization dedicated to their inspiration, growth and advancement. For 17 years, WOI has showcased and celebrated women’s success. Through 40 events per year, WOI provides aspiring women with opportunities to learn from Canada’s top women of influence. WOI also inspires women by showcasing role models through a bi-weekly newsletter, quarterly magazine and its annual awards for Canada’s Top 25 Women of Influence and the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards.