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Evolving Roles and Wardrobes

by Carrie Kirkman, President, Jones Group Canada.
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In recent decades, women have taken huge strides in the workplace. As our roles have evolved, so too have our professional wardrobes. Over the years, Jones New York has been a brand women can count on when dressing confidently for the workplace. Here, we look back at some of our landmark campaigns, inspirations and some of the incredible women in media who have shaped the 80’s, 90’s and beyond.


The Jones New York look struck a professional note, with pinstripes and masculine tailoring. But, it also held a promise: A look that was attainable for any woman. Attainability has always been an important ideal for our brand and one that holds true today. Here, we see Barbara Walters sporting a look similar to this 1980’s Jones New York advertisement featuring Kim Alexis – a look all women could emulate and aspire to.


Wardrobes-2Body-consciousness was key to this decade’s style. Featuring Carolyn Murphy, looking sleek, refined, and very “New York”, this image inspired a number of our campaigns during this distinctive time. Our brand evolved to embrace shape, rather than hiding behind a masculine look. This image is also notable for another 90’s trademark: restrained luxury. We explored fabrics like linen and cashmere, and also new technology like Lycra. Robin Roberts comes to mind as a woman who wasn’t afraid to explore the body-con look and captured women’s growing confidence in their ability and fashionability in the workplace.


Wardrobes-3A new millennium with new possibilities! In the 2000’s, style became much more individual. This campaign captured the optimism of the decade, with colour and modern shapes making a fresh statement. Ideas about beauty and style were also redefined by ever increasing Internet accessibility, which paved the way for our model Shalom Harlow who represented a new kind of beauty and “non-traditional” look that the public were now more open to embracing. Meanwhile, landmark journalists like Ann Curry were stretching borders in other ways: establishing herself in the field of global humanitarian reporting, and showing us that women knew no bounds in either career or wardrobe!


Wardrobes-4One billion women are expected to enter the workplace over the next decade, with more women taking on entrepreneurial and leadership roles. Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, represents the unlimited potential and power of women in today’s workplace. Jones New York believes that women today want to look polished, want to invest in their clothing and have flexibility in their wardrobe. Like Arianna, our look is strong and assertive, but still individual, and our campaign images, shot by Annie Leibovitz, express this empowerment. It’s no longer about being one of the boys, but – finally – just being ourselves!


Your personal brand and professional wardrobe.

  • Your personal brand is no longer dictated by hard rules for dressing a certain way, but it’s still wise to invest in neutrals and quality pieces that can be worn with versatility.
  • Your wardrobe is an important expression of your individuality, so be open to evolving with the changing times. Jones New York has always captured the mood and aspiration of the moment.
  • A crisp white jean is a simple and fresh way to update your look this season. Paired with a great blazer and blouse, or a printed tunic, a slim white jean can refine any look, and elevate your style from casual to polished.
  • Discover brands that you can trust to fit with your life and style. The Jones New York brand was created for its consumer, and this connection continues to stand the test of time!

With over 25 years of experience, Carrie Kirkman strives to be a mentor to other women who are looking to achieve success in their individual professions. Follow Carrie on Twitter @CarrieKirkman. Jones New York is available at Hudson’s Bay across Canada.