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Every Woman Should Have A Mentor At Work,Caroline Ghosn

By Melissa Stanger via Business Insider
Dec. 17, 2012


A few years ago, Caroline Ghosn was working at McKinsey & Company when she noticed that women — particularly Gen Y-ers — weren’t asking for as much money as their male counterparts.

“I heard all this research about how women don’t ask for as much as men, and women don’t seek out mentors to the same extent, and then I was experiencing my first few years in the workforce, and I was starting to see these things actually happen,” says Caroline Ghosn, co-founder and CEO.

“It’s one thing to hear them and know that the facts are the facts, but it’s really another to experience them.”

Ghosn wanted to do something about this gender gap so she teamed up with Amanda Pouchot, a coworker at McKinsey & Company, to launch the Levo League, an online community for young women to find career advice, mentors, and networking opportunities. Read full article>>